Testing Technology

The aim of the company is to develop and produce the most modern testing apparatus in the field of manufacture of electric connection cables and automotive cables. The integration of testing units in cable manufacturing machines, which are able to test up to 12 electric connection cables at the same time, belongs to the range of services of IEK Industrieelektonik GmbH
The company is supplier to the leading manufacturer of cable manufacturing machines.
Projects, which have already been realised, show the possibility of integrating testing units into existing transfer systems.
Due to growing demand, modern and very flexible table testing equipment has been developed and produced. Special requirements by the customer can therefore be tailored to suit their needs as far as possible.

The testing units fulfil the high testing requirements of the various test standards. such as

DIN VDE 0620
British ASTA BS 1363
UL 817 (USA)

With this range of testing equipment we enable manufacturers of electric connection cables, special cables and automotive cables to fulfil all international testing requirements and so be active in many markets.

Constant innovations and high quality standards in all areas between development and the handing over of the equipment to the customer provide for lasting competitiveness. This is guaranteed by motivated employees with a university background and a high level of specialised knowledge.
The competitiveness and high quality standards of the IEK GmbH attract customers from all over the world.
If required, we are very happy to put together a reference list of customers from the following countries:
China, Germany, England, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, South Korea and Turkey.

IEK Industrieelektronik GmbH has introduced the quality management certificate ISO 9001 and is accordingly certified.